Remember weekends at the mall?

Summer days at the arcade?

Friday nights at the video store?

Don’t worry… WE TOTALLY DO!


That’s 80’s MIXTAPE! It’s like a trip back in time, on your lunch break. 2 hours of the hits, the misses and songs you know by heart. Music guaranteed to make you wish Reagan was still in the White House!


Maybe it was the quality songwriting and musical craftsmanship. It could be the nostalgia from those who grew up during such a cool time in history and look back on it with fond memories. Thanks to MTV and the second British invasion, no matter how you look at it, there is no denying the 80’s offered a wide variety of music! Look at any TOP 40 countdown from the decade and you will see U.S. pop hits back to back with British dance tracks, new wave sounds, heavy metal riffs, hip hop beats, smooth R&B vocals or the twang of a country guitar… It wasn’t the cookie cutter, autotuned bullshit broadcast coast to coast today.


THE 80’S MIXTAPE, Weekdays at 12PM (Pacific) on


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