Dark streets.

Dangerous nights.

Electric Dreams.


The retro-future electronic sound of Synthwave, Vaporwave and Darkwave create a 2-hour, rain and neon soaked soundscape, filled with mysterious women, fast cars and dangerous locations. A sonic, sci-fi landscape for the mind. Music both familiar and comfortably retro, yet futuristic and constantly evolving. Emotional and evocative songs filled with lonely saxophones, dark synths and ethereal vocals transcends typical, modern “electronic” music. The tracks played on THE NEON GRAVEYARD will never be easy to categorize, but they will be songs guaranteed to trigger an emotional response in every listener. Turn out the lights and put on headphones, or get in your car turn the key and plan your escape.


Rhe soundtrack to your late-night getaway.

THE NEON GRAVEYARD, Weeknights at 7PM (Pacific) only on ShadoworksRadio.com



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